“From the inside to the outside, from Chi Gong to Kung Fu” summer course

This course allows you to explore the inner and subtle dimensions of the Chinese martial and energy arts. After learning a few codified movements, we will pay special attention to internal content. Using the axes, the anchorage, the breath and the structure, we will look for smoothness, connectivity and full expression of movement. Moments will also be allocated to help you find your own martial and energy movement.

Price of the course: Between 160 and 200 euros, depending on each and everyone’s means and capacity…


  • 16 to 19 of July

Hours: 9:30 am to 6:00 pm

Location: Courses are held at the sports hall of Glénac (see map below).

Useful info:
  • Free choice of accommodation (campsite, lodge, AirBnB in La Gacilly, l’Île aux Pies…)
  • Free campervan parking right next to the sports hall.
  • A small kitchen is freely available to you during meals.